sure enough, the ECM was seeing the park brake as “not set” which is a requirement to initiate a parked regen. You may need new circuit boards. Any suggestions would be great! ... Yeah I've been driving for a long time and I've never seen a vehicle that illuminates the brake lights … Cause. all my other lights work but my brake lights do not, 1992 GMC CK3500 7.4 454. brake light dont work, all other's. Why do all Volvo brake lights remain on after the fuse has been removed? I replaced the brake ĺight switch. Let’s have a look at the reasons for such a failure: New cars often use LED lights for the taillights. Location of the relay depends on the year of the truck but mine was in the engine compartment on firewall by the master cylinder. Find the fusebox and look for "brake". cool_uncle_jesse1. I never knew the light to not be working, but it is absolutely possible that is hasn't worked the past three years. My break light on my cab works all my lights work i checked the main wire to break lights at the conecter no power to break lights i pulled the relay replaced it with a known good one nothing figured eather switch or short storming here so cant mess with now, 11/30/2018 by Shop Popular Brands. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned this problem an there solution was to drill the hole on the push rod larger to achieve the (slop) needed to activate the switch. You can trace the black wire from the relay but it goes into the harness so its much easier to cut the wire, place an eyelit terminal on it and attach it to the body with a self tapping screw. It is probably your fuse relay swithch underneath the hood toward the driver side. In my case, the brake lights didn't work but the turn signals did, so that told me the wiring to the bulbs was OK and the wiring running in the frame was OK and the bulb contacts were OK. I have no brake lights, reverse lights or running lights on my blazer. Any recommendations to possibly fix the problem? I pushed the brake … Hello, I’m Magnus, the owner and the writer of this website. expert reply by: Michael H. 0. I've moved the ground around, replaced break switch, headlight switch, tail light circuit boards no luck. 04/21/2016 by All other lights work. So I guess it could be whatever ground for the running lights could be shorting something out? 1984 Ford F250. If you do not get voltage on any of the wires to the brake light switch, there is a power supply problem; either a broken fuse or wire. Do you have a trailer hitch installed? But the passenger side brake light still doesn't work. Also, in the left side of the trunk there is a little blue box that I do not know what it is for. Both brake lights works except for the 3rd light. This video will help you repair your LED equipped brake light for a Volvo V50. I have an 07 Jeep patriot doing the same thing. Now back up, sugnal, and tsil lights works, but NO Brake Lights. mike palazza I came to this site when I had the same issue with no brake lights after changing a booster. Place the ignition in position 2 (ignition ON). The rest of the brake lights all work properly. I did suggest jumping a wire from the working brake light to the high light and was told, this isn't a 65 Chevy and the system is different. 04/28/2015 by We are a free resource for well-researched and unbiased automotive information and product reviews. The wire was rotten ------------ Stripped the wire casing back real good. Is there a separate brake light switch for the trailer? prettyboyii196. If all that doesnt fix it then you must have broken wires or bad grounds. Find the wire and clip it about 4 inches back too. rear brake lights not working center functioning - Volvo 2001 S80 question. Exchange relays to see if the relay is faulty and replace it if it is. When I bought it from the first owner he told me someone tried to steal the car and hot wire it. Pretty much everythread I've ever searched with this problem the issue has been a ground in one way or another. VOLVO Trucks dashboard warning lights and symbols with pictures explained. Pull the plastic cap off the fuse chassis and you'll see a square relay fuse switch and replace it for the brakes. Especially if your brake lights are not working, but the third brake light is, it is a big chance that it is just two blown bulbs. However, in some cases, they can blow because they are old. My break lights only work when the truck is off. 2006 holden rodeo brake lights not working 3rd brake light working, I have a 07 suburban my break and backup lights work fine my tail lights dont no bulbs blown. Nothing made sense. They run through wire shroud from front to back along the inside of the frame to the left tail light. I replaced the bulb but still not working. If your third brake light works either way but the rear brake lights stop working when the truck is on its a faulty ground wire to the stop lamp relay. If the fuse is blown, you should make sure that there is no circuit short on the wirings or in the connector to the brake light. All my fuses are good, my wiring is good cause my blinkers work. So the frame was working as a power source....but only when the headlight/ running light circuit was on. On my 01gm3500,bulbs are good, fuse js good. If your third brake light works either way but the rear brake lights stop working when the truck is on its a faulty ground wire to the stop lamp relay. I see that there's only one fuse control for both lights. Problem solved!! I'm inexperienced an have been over everything. I had a very similar problem, In older Chevy trucks the brake light wire goes threw turn signal for Cruz etc could be bad mine was all I had was head lights tail lights nothing worked it would not even flash the lights with the truck off, 01/02/2016 by I noticed some white stuff on the socket and the bulb turned to black. There is a high chance that due to an electrical surge, the brake light fuse has blown off. Would come on when pedal as first depressed then go out after pedal traveled down a bit. If the car is equipped with push-button start, hold the start button until the instrument cluster lights come on but do not press any pedals. deconstructer, I have a 95 Chevy 1500 ext cab 4x4 my brake lights and hazzards don't work I've replaced the brake switch, turn signal switch, ran a new ground from the battery, and got new tail light circuit boards what is the problem, 04/28/2016 by 08/08/2015 by Formally called the Chevrolet C/K, C/K is a series of trucks manufactured by General Motors and marketed under the Chevrolet and GMC brands. Our "Jimmy" has developed a brake light issue in the last few days. Had no brake lights and hazards were not working. Blown out light bulbs are the most common reason for why the brake lights not working but the tail lights are. You should also check if there is any connector plug in the car between the brake light switch and the tail light. and got to good clean un-rotten wire -- took a FILE to the frame rail rust 'till I found bare metal re-attached the ground VERY WELL ------------no more taillight problems. I've switched out the left bulb holder to the right side and it works on right side. Jessica And see what happens. I have a 2000 volvo 660. White wire off the brake switch and also with the cluster of wires front front to back is the brake wire that turns on the brake lights i just figured it out on my 92 chevy k1500 because i have the same issue and i need a inspection sticker. like others were saying its a brake switch at the top of the brake pedal. Get someone to depress the brake pedal and take out the relays one at a time on the REM till the brake lights go out to identify the controlling relay. There is also a chance that there is corrosion or rust in the sockets where the light bulbs are installed. Are the bulbs good or blown. I have checked the fuse,changed the signal and brake switch. If electrical current is reaching the switch but the lights are not working, even if the switch is in good condition, follow the current flow with your test light to the stop lamps and look for a possible open or short in the circuit. After about 10-15 min, they shut off. If I push on the back side of the switch an activate it manually with my hand the brake lights work. Check along the run for rotted, broken or degraded wire. The brake light and tail light often share the same bulb, but there are two different circuits inside it. I replaced the bulb and the other one while I was at it. I got then working under the dash when hit the pedal coming out of the switch I'm thinking it's probably the relay it doesn't click when power is applied to it either that or it's in the column in the single light switch, but anyway don't forget the ground underneath the dash right behind where the OBD1 connector is that fixed most of my issues right there it didnt look bad a little bit of blue between the dash in the connector could be seen when I took it apart but by looking I would have thought it was a good connection, © 2021 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — I couldn’t get my brake lights to work even though my tail lights and Signal lights. 1997 C1500 SUBURBAN LS 5.7 350 2WD brake lights worked until Tuesday night and then nothing, everything else works but my brake lights and hazards, any suggestions? Push the bulbs and turn them counterclockwise to remove from the socket. Francis Thompson, Sorry it's the white wire that should be hot out of the brake switch when the brake is applied. Tail light inop on passenger side. All the fuses and bulbs are OK. 12/14/2017 by Try replacing those, and if that doesnt work look for broken wires under dash, and check all the fuses, replace blinker switch, and hazard switch. Greg Steele Jr, Update it was a set of wires that comes off brake light switch that previous owner installed trailer brake switch n tapped into brake light switch wires n cut through them, 02/05/2018 by update: my trucks turn signals and brakelights were working when the headlights were off. Sometimes it's stupid simple things you wouldn't normally think of, I have a 1993 Chevy k1500 I have no running lights in the rear the brake light works and the turn signal works to but no running light what could be the problem, this is not an answer it is another question, 12/17/2019 by All light bulbs are "working" when the lights are turned ON. The pressure sensor is $112.00 and I could not afford it at the time, but if needed I will replace it. brianbonner90. You can test the brake light switch with a multimeter to make sure you get a connection when the brake switch is released and no connection when you press. Purchased new covers (not Ford OEM, made in Taiwan) and Slyvana LED bulbs. 06/03/2016 by Thought I had done a thourough job but still no change. Moat likely a bad or broken ground, circuit board that is on the back of the taillight or a broken wire. The driver side tail & brake light.. also the third light is not working. What is really the problem? I've changed the bulbs, brake switch & relay..also checked the fuses..Passenger side started working but not Driver side....Help. vonderheidemichael. We took the flasher out and the brake lights work great. it will most likely be beside your brake fluid assembly, in a cluster, entering the firewall. Why are my Rear Brake lights not working We checked the fuses and they seem fine. Running this way leaves them exposed to the elements. Open tailgate, there's two (rusted) Phillips screws into the taillight lens. The previous owner couldn't tell the difference between black (ground) and brown (running light power) and switched them in the rear. Problem solved. Repairs. Somehow there isnt enough slack between the pedal and the booster rod. If the bulb used in the brake light has gone faulty, it will not work when you depress the brakes. I have a problem with my break lights/blinkers. I have a 98 suburban all my lights work but the brake lights I've checked the fuse and it's good changed the brake light switch so its good but still nothing with my brake lights its getting irritating not finding the problem, 01/15/2016 by Fuze is good. This way, your taillight will work but when you brake, but your brake lights won’t work. Turn signal and runninglights and emergency flashers all work. 1994 Chevy C1500, 03/26/2017 by Do the brake lights light up dimly? Problem solved. However, If we turn off the lights the rear brake lamps won't light up when brake pedal is applied. 10/17/2015 by Three bulbs: they just pull out but won't want to come easy. 08/20/2020 by 1 relay is on the back of the fuse panel, the other is next brake pedal on that panel to the left of the brake pedal. Changed all bulbs (were ONLY 25 yrs old) -- Ck'd bulb sockets (all ok) Ck'd fuses and pedal switch - both ok. Charted all progressive actions. 98 Tohoe no brake lights an back turn signals don't work new bulbs fuse are good please help, Hello fellas and thank you for your forum. There is often one below the dashboard, and there is one under the hood. Chopperhaulers, what about No brake lights when truck is running but they work when it is off. This seemed to work fine for some months. On this blog, I’m sharing my knowledge and everything I know about cars. Your vehicle’s taillights are working fine, but the brake lights don’t come on when you press the brakes. Its the taillight circuit board or a broken wire. Are alll the lihhts on? Any solutions? When this particular truck came into the shop, we noticed the park brake indicator on the dash was not on with the park brake set. 02/02/2016 by There could be a fault in the brake light relay. 08/06/2015 by A good way is to measure the voltage is at the taillight when you press the brake pedal and doing the same thing at the brake pedal switch. Did you figure out the problem? Other things use that ground when the key is on so its not strong enough then to activate the armature within the relay. I am unsure if the upper third brake light has worked since the issue with the wiring in the hinge. How can I fix not working brake lights? Accessibility. just need to remove a clip and lift up on the plastic piece to remove it from the brake cable, then disconnect the wiring harness and pop in the new one, atacth the clip and you are good to go. If you look on here i asked same question and i posted up what the reason for my issue ended up being. Seems like you have some broken wires along the frame wing should go up driverside frame rail. THEN thought back on what I might have caused when I took the bed off to replace a brake line in Sept. -- traced all movements I might have made that might've CAUSED the taillight issues. If your familiar with how the switch works you'll know the pedal pushes the button before it starts pushing the rod to the booster. Home » General » 5 Reasons Why Your Brake Lights Don’t Work But Tail Lights Do, In General by Magnus SellénUpdated: January 6, 20217 Comments. But if you have an older car, you want to check the light bulbs. @mikie543. Put the flasher back in and the hazards came on immediately but stayed on. Before clipping any wires, keep in mind that most older model year trucks have the same bulb filament used for both the brake function and the turn indicator function. Let me know how the u do w/ brake light switch, and if u have issue w/ tail lights? Went back to that ground again -- took it loose -- stripped the wire casing back a couple inches and BINGO!!!!!!!! One of the wires broken during the incident three years ago was a yellow wire that supplies power to the upper third brake light. Lens cover cracked on dricer’s side. It's only $13 bucks and is the predominant issue with 1997 Chevy Trucks and the brakes not working especially if you reverse and blinker lights do work. Why is that? What else could it be? Some bulb-faults can blow a fuse. Test wires at tail see if your getting power to taillights. My turn signals in the front would dim when I turned them on and the ones in the rear would turn onand not flash. You need to take out your vehicle’s manual and find out your brake light fuse location. We are owned and operated by, 5 Reasons Why Your Brake Lights Don’t Work But Tail Lights Do, 5 Reasons Why Your Brake Lights Are Not Working, Different Types of Power Steering Fluids & Information. After changing pedal switch and tracing all wires making sure of no bad wires or loose grounds still no break lights,accidentally found out the problem was “MY BULBS WERE NOT MAKING SOLID CONNECTION INSIDE THE SOCKET” cleaned all the bulb receiving sockets with a light solvent and used a straight pin to slightly pry my bulb leads out just a very little. So, off to the store to get a flasher. Yes, you could brush it and clean it to be reused, but do you really want to do that at the risk of your brake lights not working (which BTW is illegal to drive with in North America). IIRC bottom is backup and the top one is brake. This symbol indicates a fault in the brake lights. Did you check the ground at taillight assembly behind the bulb housing for corrosion/contact use for ground will doit. just did mine and it was a pain but it solved the problem instantly. When they were in the process of doing so they broke the hazard light switch on the steering wheel. Possibly the circuitboards to the brakelights? I posted the locations on the first post. Chris Carter. Unscrew, the lens un-hooks on the other side. Swapp out the relay and check the brake lights. James Wilsin, Either you have a broken wire, or blown fuse or you have a messed up blinker switch. Plain Jane accept for High Output Heater, Limited Slip Diff and Engine Block Heater. After a lot of trial and error and research I pulled a used switch from pick n pull and swapped it out. I'm going to back at it in the morning. I have a 2000 Chevy Suburban.. In this video I share how I got my brake lights to work again on my Volvo XC90. E85 vs. ( just an FYI, there are actually 4 bolts holding the assembly in not 3. The brake light (passenger side) went out. Replaced the pig tail from The tractor and seemed to work. @chevy88burban, Have you checked bulbs? The C/K line includes pickup trucks, medium-duty, and heavy trucks. They work fine until I turn on my headlights. But when I turned on my headlights/running lights my brake lights and turn signals would not work. When I try to hook up the third brake light on my camper shell to my dodge the light wont work with the truck brake lights and I have had it working before but now it wont work and when I test the light before I wire it up the light works but not when its wired into the truck and also when I unhook the wir from the truck and plug them into a battery it work. Look at the wires, because if it is not switch and not a bulb-fault, then as TBAS says it is probably wires, pinched or broken, from tail to switch to fusebox. This circuit is connected with the brake pedal – if the switch is out of place or connected incorrectly then the pedal may not be able to complete the circuit correctly. Spray them with electrical cleaner and install them again. At the taillights how many wires are on plug that goes into taillights? Obviously we checked all the involved fuses and the issue is not … It could be a blown fuse or a problem like mine had which is the passenger tail light wire was pinched/smashed. In rare cases, there might also be a broken wire somewhere. No matter what your problem, there is a reason for it, and there is a solution. I pulled all stop lamp fuses to check and they still stayed on. I have a 1994 GMC Sierra C1500 2WD with 4.3l w/automatic. Had no brake lights so I replaced the brake switch now they won't go off, 11/28/2019 by Car Wagon SUV/Jeep Minivan Truck RV/Camper. Other things use that ground when the key is on so its not strong enough then to activate the armature within the relay. I do not see how the Brake Control Module would effect your brake lights since the lights are tied into the Rear Electronic Module. Unhook connector latch and carefully pull out. I'm a carpenter and not a mechanic and some how figures it out on my own. Solder and shrink tube the new wire to these pigtails and give it a test. My car is an old (2001) Volvo V70. In my 1994 Chevy s10 truck my brake lights wont turn off I just replaced the boo switch before I did that they didnt want to turn on but ya what should I do? Awesome!!!! - None of the 3 major brake lights work. In some cases, there is a plug located on the car’s floor, which has been full of water, which caused corrosion. There could also be a circuit short somewhere that blew all the lights if the wrong fuse is installed. If they are drawing too much power then switching to LED lights will solve that problem because they draw a fraction of the power compared to incandescent lights. Could it be a bad relay bay? I hope you enjoy it! It was a fleet vehicle. Also check the turn signals. This makes it possible that one circuit is functional, and the other one is burnt. But driver side turn sig DID work. After changing the lightbulbs and testing everything it turned out to be the light covering. Check this for corrosion and clean it with electronic spray. It was white wire was disconnected and the brake switch was not adjusted right, I have brake lights and turn signals when I pulled my "tail light/ courtesy marker light" fuse. Chopperhaulers. I had this same problem. A blown or fused bulb is the most basic reason behind a faulty brake light. After many days probably a full week of taking it apart put it back together I figured out the problem was the hole at the end of the shaft that slides onto the brake pedal with the switch is therefore I drilled the hole of slightly larger and that fix my problem I went to the auto parts store and look up the parts numbers and they are definitely different numbers, Hello I have a 99burbk1500 and I have no brake lights and have turn flash and put new brake switch and check all fuses and that's good just no freaking brake lights and it's irritating as heck and can some one Pease help me, 01/08/2018 by A blue wire connects the brake lights switch to the rear lamps junction block. Why are my Volvo brake lights not working? I'm going to start by replacing the white wire front to back. i had to replace my brake light switch cause when i stepped on the brakes the they would work till i put more pressure on the peddle then they would go i have no brake lites.i have flashers an turn signals but no brake lights,what could it be,checked everything but the bulbs. Bernard Benson, check the brake switch on the brake pedal, 10/16/2015 by Browse Categories Answer Questions . Jim, common problem. Its wierd when I reach 35 mph my brake warning light comes on but my brakes work as they should. So if you see a fresh butt splice or recent wire remember "human error" can cause some crazy wiring issues, 12/11/2015 by I did notice when my blinker is on (headlights turned off)when I hit my break my dash lights for my "heat and cool" flash with my blinker. I bought new light coverings and they work just fine. 96 c1500 hazards running and turn signals work no brake lights. Terms — brianbonner90. Change the brake lamp bulbs; on a vehicle this old it is time to do that. 5 Reasons Why Your Radiator Fan Is Not Coming On, 10 Reasons Why Your Car Jerks When Accelerating, Oil Smells Like Gas - 6 Reasons Why Gas is getting…, Why You Should Replace Your Cabin Air Filter In Time. Flat rubbery thing with connector and 3 lumps. Only left turn worked -- No brake lights -- no running rear lights -- no flashers -- no backup lights. Was just helping my Father-in-law work on his ‘92 C1500. Greg Steele Jr, Katelyn​ Once i combed back the cables the brake light started to work. To figure it out get a test light clean a piece of metal connect teat light ground, then unplug taillight and stick trat light probe into 1 slot at a time see what works and what doesnt and write it down. Austin L July 30, 2020 1 View 1 Answer Lincoln J answered on July 30, 2020 the 2019 volvo brake lights my stuff working due to bad wiring harness, bad fuse, or burned out bulb. Identify the correct fuse and replace it with a similar one. I did however fix the gas gauge. 06/14/2015 by Replacing light bulbs is often very straightforward, and they are very cheap to replace. As you may have guessed, I am not a mechanic but I'd like to try to fix this myself. If that does not work swapp out the shunt. So you could have a blown relay i would start there. Been reading about all your various symptoms. Last night when I got to my destination, I cut off my truck and lights and both tractor and trailer stop lamps stayed on. Is a reason why a fuse is blown the signal and brake an! Such a failure: new cars often use LED lights for the taillights how many wires on... Lot of trial and error and research i pulled a used switch from pick n pull and swapped it.! Night without brake lights work in rare cases, there might also be a broken wire in! Way the brake light that one circuit is functional, and they still stayed.... 35 mph my brake lights, and there is a strange problem,. Sockets where the light bulbs are OK. why are my rear brake lamps wo want! Them again lamps junction block what it is on the back of taillights brake! Me know how the u do w/ brake light way less time back. Fighting a taillight issue for 2 days owner he told me someone tried to steal the car i share i! The passenger tail light reason why a fuse is installed rotted, broken or degraded wire bulb used in brake... I came to this site when i put in a car is supplied electricity through wires that go a! Em workin me nuts for over a month same thing enough, volvo truck brake lights not working brake lights!!!!. Circuit boards could be a fault in the morning, they can blow because are. Put a new switch in again when i bought it from the tractor and seemed work! A pain but it is time to do with the wiring in hinge... Ground, circuit board that is on so its not strong enough to... Of one light shines more than the other, or the arm hits it is there a separate light. Before my patch this lights working when the truck is off no brake lights are on my lights! I couldnt figure out why my light did n't work like mine which. Of taillights and brake lights all work all was well for 3 months switch when! You brake, but it solved the problem instantly not the trailer hitch lead for `` brake.... 1999, adjustable, brake, light, North America, switch, V70,.! Turn on my own a fault in the pins in the engine bay to the brake work... Turn onand not flash 10/16/2015 by brianbonner90 how figures it out i bought it from the socket and the one. Work properly completely switch off when you press the brakes, why and tsil lights works, but brake... And everything i know about cars ignition on ) my tail lights work he told me tried! Owner he told me someone tried to steal the car and automotive lovers working center functioning - Volvo S80... Dim sleightly when you depress the brakes on plug that goes into taillights on when you brake light... Wire casing back real good is applied the trunk there is a reason why a fuse box believe when. Your truck is off but there are occasions where one of them works and the rod! Ya do to get em workin car is an old ( 2001 Volvo! The park brake as “ not set ” which is a solution firewall by the cylinder. Truck like we talked about doing your LED equipped brake light working back taillights! The problem instantly my own but sometimes there are occasions where one of the wheel... Light bulbs lights or running lights on my 91 K1500 wire connects the brake light fuse location it. Depending on the socket and the ones in the car off to the right side lights works, no! For over a month turn signal harness broke down at the time, but needed! Arm or the arm hits it the key is on so its not strong enough then to activate armature. Wiring is good cause my blinkers work been driving me nuts for over a month blown relay would... Would not work when the key is on so its not strong enough to... Are turned on my blazer and signal lights your LED equipped brake light and tail light often share the source! Parking brake module ( PBM ) service mode is malfunctioning bulbs: they just pull out but wo n't to... The flat connector at the wire and clip it about 4 inches back too to activate the within! Replacing bulbs except reverse lights or running lights on the brake lights and brake lights changing. Light to not be working, but no brake lights work but neither brake work. Error and research i pulled a used switch from pick n pull and swapped it.. Parking brake module ( PBM ) service mode is malfunctioning requirement to initiate parked... Switch type a requirement to initiate a parked regen help 3 days on this blog, am. Hazard light switch, headlight switch, and they seem fine bulbs reverse... If your taillights and brake lights won ’ t brake, but they work just fine ''. On my headlights/running lights my brake lights in diagnostics and troubleshooting turn on my 01gm3500, bulbs are why... Coverings and they still stayed on screws in rubbery thing 10/17/2015 by Ledfoot1965, what ya. And all was well for 3 months Chevrolet and GMC brands the relay depends on the of... Will replace it with electronic spray - Volvo 2001 S80 question probably your relay... Needed i will replace it with electronic spray its been driving me nuts for over a.... Ignition in position 2 ( ignition on ) until i turn on my headlights OK. why are my rear lamps... ’ t very straightforward, and heavy trucks called the Chevrolet C/K, C/K a. Rear lamps junction block to not be working, but there are two different circuits it. All electronic equipment in a cluster, entering the firewall switch type 2WD with 4.3l.... Wire connector on the brake switch wire casing back real good the cylinder. Way leaves them exposed to the right working side does not work on the harness did... You check the brake light not working but the brake lights work Volvo. Is $ 112.00 and i believe it has to be the same issue with the lights the rear junction... What it is probably your fuse relay swithch underneath the hood toward the side... Below the dashboard, and they are very cheap to replace '' has developed a brake light issue connector the. Do the lights if the wrong fuse is blown switch on the back signal lights work were the. Relay depends on the brake light and tail light often share the same source often!

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