150km in 'a' day is assumed to be an once in a while event. Honda dio : 48kmpl4. Jupiter is safe for women, especially if they're worried about back ache. Customer may opt to avail this for a cost. Forget light and heavy. then access. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest service center and selecting your city accordingly -. I agree with U.I also own jupiter.But,as U go at maximum speeds..my scooters engine sound has changed,from when it was new to after using for many months.I drive usually at an avg.of 60 & all the time reach max.speed of 85 .U hve any solution except going at less speed to gain smoother engine sound?. Design of Jupiter is very stylish and comfortable for both ladies and jeants so no doubt get Jupiter right now, Jupiter has a better design compared to many scooters in the market at the moment. ‘i-TOUCHstart’* also improves battery life and provides a maintenance-free system. Jupiter is also available on EMI option with EMI starting from ₹ 2,608 in Delhi. best ride quality, and loads of features in it and i mean it. Jupiter Std is 1 Kg lighter than Activa 5G. What are the Expert opinions/reviews on TVS Jupiter? Both r almost same there is no difference in power but Jupiter's maintenance is less than it. 63,852 and goes upto Rs. contact your nearest dealership to check their offer. If executive scooter is the preference, then Jupiter. which can be more relaxing in long commute to work. Access is a good option, but personally I won't prefer Suzuki two wheelers as their dealers give $π|try service at our place.. Jupiter has superior suspension thsn activa 5g sn hydraulic with gas in rear while 5g has simple hydraulic spring. Activa's body is a l'l bit heavy than Jupiter so when I tried both I decided to buy Jupiter coz of easy handling and mileage is also good from activa 4g or 5g. TVS Jupiter BS6 Overview TVS Jupiter BS6 is the base variant in the Jupiter lineup and is priced at Rs. front suspension almost same..overall Jupiter is better in ride quality .. Jupiter for sure as Activa tyers are small n less grippy make very hard to manage during rainy.. Jupiter in terms of Mileage and Activa 5G in terms of other aspects, Battary is not good quality it will come 11 to 12 month only, Jupiter STD has a standard engine while Jupiter zx has a turbocharged 110cc 1cylinder while mileage is almost same. External fuel filler, no need to get up from the seat at fuel station (absence in Activa), Passlight switch (missing in Activa), Larger footboard area, Seating position is better than Activa (while taking U turn handlebars won't touch knees of tall riders), better pricing of scooter with cheaper spares, Sturdy body & finally better aftersales service (better than Activa, Honda take customers for granted) Aur kya chahiye? So when you go in between 5- 10 km/h Jupiter is more comfortable for you. Better aftersales, Better suspension for comfort, 12" wheels keep scooter stable even at 80-85kmph. We use a Jupiter at home and it is surprisingly smooth until 80kmph. Email. In engine there us no difference only difference between looks and accessories. Otherwise mileage in city will be around 45~50kmpl, while on highways (at ~70kmph) will return 55kmpl. Both are having disc brakes but if you want better features then go with Jupiter grande, Jupiter classic is best option against zx disc coz in scooter disc brakes is dangerous in emergency braking. 4000 cheaper than Disc brake model and provides the same modern features as the Disc model. PICK UP - Quick accelerator is not that good.Honda activa is better and Yamaha Fascino is even better. Scooter, as we have to chhange gears which is a headache and improper changing of gears may result in damage to transmission. And it is more heavier than Jupiter. No scooter (sold in India at present) is built for that kind of daily mileage (150kms / day). If maintenance is done periodically, it will last a long time without any major mechanical complaints. The only worrying matter is the service with the agency TVS Radha Motors, they cheat you on service. TVS XL. seat shall be more comfortable for long drive. For two years its 3900rs..first five service free of labour charges.around 350rs each..5 th little high as spark plug is replaced near to 1400rs but labour charge free ...change of brake pads ..cost some extra ..not pocket burning.. Access is a good scooter overall but it has a broader and heighten seat, which can be of difficulty for female riders. Is pollution certificate required in new ntorq Bs6. this is lik comparing pulsar 220 with splendor, Lol u can't compare a vespa to other scooters, it is in a different level, If you want comfort & speed you can go for jupiter.If you want power,go for activa,activa has more reliable & efficient engine.Jupiter's engine will not last for more time as it has large bore & short stroke. 3. The price of TVS Jupiter starts at Rs. I try this with every new two wheeler and every time it works :), Access is good.Even if jupiter's suspension is good,it will not last longer. You can get the TVS Jupiter for a much lower price if you opt to buy a used one. No accessories are not included. 72,347 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Model Ex-Showroom* TVS Jupiter SMW # ₹ 62577 TVS Jupiter ₹ 64077 TVS Jupiter ZX ₹ 66077 TVS Jupiter ZX Disc ₹ 69577 TVS Jupiter Classic ₹ 70802. Compare grazia with TVs ntorq . If does not start on self then on the choke button/lever and then press the self button,and leave it on choke for 20to30 sec. TVS Jupiter Classic BS6 is available with both self and kick start option. these are average of user reported numbers and not ARAI . Choosing one will depend on several factors such as fuel type, brand preference, specific feature requirements etc. 69,052 (ex-showroom, Delhi). they give you list of replacement parts but don't replace few and bill for all. While the ZX variant gets beige plastic panels and a two-tone seat, the Classic variant gets a tinted visor, chrome mirrors, a sticker job, padded seat, and a backrest. The suspension is awesome and the rider will not feel fatigue. Never purvhase accessories from dealers,they cost 3000 while in open market,you buy them in Rs 800 easily, U can go in several showrooms because thy can give u overall estimate n discount too. Access is good but not best for this price segment. मेरे पास टीवीएस जुपिटर है जो दिसंबर 2016 को लिया था। मुझे महीना में चार बार पटना तो मोतिहारी जो कि 150 km के लगभग है। मै अभी के पेट्रोल के रेट से 160 का तेल लेता हूं। और आराम से मोतिहारी , केसरिया पहुंच जाता हूं। और स्कूटी के मामले में जुपिटर का माइलेज बहुत ही बढ़िया है। अभी तक मेरी स्कूटी 26000 km chal chuki hai।, मेरे पास टीवीएस जुपिटर है जो दिसंबर 2016 को लिया था। मुझे महीना में चार बार पटना तो मोतिहारी जो कि 150 km के लगभग है जाना होता है। मै अभी के पेट्रोल के रेट से 160 का तेल लेता हूं। और आराम से मोतिहारी , केसरिया पहुंच जाता हूं। और स्कूटी के मामले में जुपिटर का माइलेज बहुत ही बढ़िया है। अभी तक मेरी स्कूटी 26000 km chal chuki hai। Ishi se आप अंदाजा लगा लो कि माइलेज क्या मिल रही है। किन्तु मैं अपने स्कूटी का रेगुलर engine oil change aur servicing karata huein. We would suggest you to get it checked at authorized service center to get better help. Check out. Dimension wise it looks possible. Do take a test ride before making the final decision. TVS Jupiter is offered in 4 variants - BS6, ZX BS6, ZX Disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6 and the top variant Jupiter Classic BS6 which comes at a price tag of Rs. TVS Jupiter is still the best in the 110cc segment. Jupiter has a low fuel indicator which lights up when you're on reserve fuel limits. TVS Jupiter uses a 110cc four stroke petrol engine which is currently BS4 compliant. Yes, For BS6 compliant Jupiter you will get it with ZX and Classic variants at front but its not present in Base variant though. I prefer ananlouge than digital. 2. Downpayment for TVS Jupiter depends on buyer's credit score, income, TVS sales offers and showroom specific offers. Aviator is good...avrege mileage sb acha h me jupiter chala rha hu very bed experience oil bahut pita h, *Aviator doesn't have market value *Otherwise go for Activa*Jupiter is best choice, I own a Jupiter but personally like Aviator for its looks, Jupiter always because the main issue with suzuki access is it's maintenance if it is not maintained properly it well led to engine breakdown very soon and than after that it will happen again and again because air filter compartment of access is placed above tyre so air gets inside it very frequently so if you don't replace it's air filter at regular interval then you will face engine problems. Now it has Christmas and year ending offers please check zigwherls site. Q. TVS Jupiter is unarguably the best-selling two-wheeler of the TVS Motor Company. All Rights Reserved. The top variant TVS Jupiter on road price in Pune is ₹ 79,848 . It is an optional extra. IT payers can get a loan easily. The front disc brake on the TVS Jupiter offer good bite and adds to the safety quotient as well. then I changed it as it was on warranty. My new bs 6 JUPITER model July 2020 gives 53 mileage till 750 kms and now 58 kms. 74,590. All of these were considerations while I bought Jupiter for my wife. Reserve indicator is also given which is automatically get on when u have petrol less than 1L. 4 Harita, Hosur - 635 109 Ph: 04344-276780 Fax: 04344-276878 Call us on. However, some dealers include a rear-view mirror and stand in paid accessories which are necessary accessories. Tvs jupiter have many advantage: 1.External fuel fill. Thank you! Moreover, the Jupiter features a wide, comfortable and spacious seat for both rider and the pillion. The premium/power petrol contains higher octane value compared to the regular petrol and it gives the vehicle a marginal bump in the performance and fuel efficiency. As per my personal experience I felt Honda guys are not bothered about their customers. However, the torque helps to pull the vehicle better with heavier load. Look at manual. The top variant TVS Jupiter on road price in Chennai is ₹ 84,279 . While most riders prefer NTorq over Jupiter, TVS Jupiter Classic is mostly oriented towards riders who prefer luxury and elegance over performance. We would suggest you to please connect with the nearest authorized. My daily drive is about 20km, snd maintenance of Jupiter is very low in my city. However, as of now there is no official update from the brands end. Every scooter mentioned here has some major drawbacks.1. It has smooth refined engine with peppy performance, big wheels with alloys, best suspension set up, good handling & surprisingly good aftersales service. I am having 4 TVS Jupiter in my family and have no issues with it overall. I have been personally using it since the last 6 months. Most showrooms provide exchange offer for Jupiter, Performance is same any variant will do the only change us if ur looking for looks then classic looks better, U can choose any one all are same accept cosmetics performance wise all are same. You have to turn off the engine anr take off the key then only open the set. But it has a good ride quality though And then there is also hero Weight (Activa is around a kilo heavier than Jupiter)4. Yes its possible, but your warrnty will cut off, No, Both have different in buit standards. In Tamilnadu, there are showrooms which sell scooters with 80% finance, which means approx INR 14,000 should be paid upfront and the rest could be on installments. Jupiter is cheap to own and maintain. Activa 125...or suzuki access 125 in dono k alava kuch mt lena, Tvs Jupiter base model , current price Rs 61500,if you pay cash or paytm. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. TVS Jupiter is a popular 110cc scooter from TVS Motor Company.True to the philosophy of ‘ZYADA KA FAYDA’, TVS Jupiter is an ideal companion for the whole family and a perfect addition to the household. ZX gets LED headlamps while Standard has Halogen lampsb. Yea, you will have to face the same problem if you want to quickly accelerate the Jupiter.If you really want the comfy ride then check out the scooter which are over 1 lac price range. TVS Jupiter offers a metal body whereas some of the parts like its front fender and headlight cowl are made up of fiber. Price varies from city to city,but the accessories cost is rs3000 if buy them from the dealers, but if you buy the accessories from outside it will cost you around rs1500. Jupiter zx.Bcs it gives good mileage & performance & engine smoothness is bettter.Even if N torq has full digital meter its price is high & mileage is less & sound is weird,& I don't even think its much stylish. If so, Jupiter will be the best. Bangalore,mean while for warranty details, kindly check the user manual given by the dealer, Report to TVS at their toll-free number. No. If problem persists, then take it to nearest service center for an inspection. It could easily last 70K to 1 lakh kilometers without any issues (provided all services are done in time). However, on hilly terrains, riding the vehicle with a pillion will be tough. Company gives us free services,we have to go for servicing time to time. I drove in eco mode only . So, we would request you to discuss with your family so that you can finalize the colour to be purchased. Thanks for your answer. If possible try it or ask any other Jupiter user face to face, My father-in-law (aged >65) owns an Activa 5G and my spouse has a Jupiter. If you'll leave the accelerator speed will decrease it's about smoothness of the vehicle. Yes. No idea about ZX, but specification of both Variant are same to same. ZX without disc brakes are really good as the combi brakes are pretty effective. >= middle aged riders) found it to be dangerous especially on Indian roads which is filled with loose sandgravel and oil. Mileage - 44 Km/Litre(This is guaranteed, I have atleast 50+ reading average data. Since he stays close by, he uses our Jupiter more often. In these models Tvs Jupiter gives you much better mileage than other models. 70,802. Certainly you can go for Alto K10. Classic already has all the features of grande with better seat cushioning and pillion rider back rest. But when i rode jupiter there was no such problem. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_mmv,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_variant_widget,rvmp_qna,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner, Single cylinder, 4 stroke, CVTi, fuel injection, 3 step adjustable type coil spring with hydraulic damper, Front :- 90/90 - 12,  Rear :- 90/90 - 12, This feature is not available in this variant, Ask your question from Jupiter owners and experts, Your Question should contain at least 5 characters, TVS Scooty Zest Himalayan Highs Series BS6, Honda Activa 6G vs TVS Jupiter BS6: Specifications Compared, TVS Jupiter BS6 Specs Revealed, Still No Disc Brake Option, TVS Jupiter BS6 Makes Lesser Power Than Before, BS6 TVS Jupiter Classic Launched, Gets Fuel-injection, All Jupiter ZX Disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6 News, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl6JdW9sKCA, TVS Jupiter MillionR: 8000km Long Term Review, All Jupiter ZX Disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6 Reviews. Since 2014 I am riding TVS Jupiter in Mangore and my experience with the scooter is too good. 2. Generally, the economical speed remains in between 40-50 kmph. Mileage below 40kml only. Which is the better Suzuki access 125 or TVS Jupiter? Jupiter is the best scooter for single rider on poorly paved roads. Instant Personal Loan - Get upto 2 Lakhs* in 5mins, Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, 46% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above, Third class mileage, I have very terrible experience about mileage please don't don't buy it company gives 62 mileage but i am not satisfied. Milage will be decent. So classic is better than zx disc. It's more powerful, with great power to weight ratio. 1. TVS Ntorque 125 : 42 kmpl7. Your question has been submitted. The ZX variant is available with a Digital cluster but misses out on the front disc brake. Yes. Same power but i think weight of jupiter is less so its pickup is more. Please wait for festival offers. I also face this problem sometimes. But in most places,they r not providing. Model Ex-Showroom* TVS Jupiter SMW # ₹ 62577 TVS Jupiter ₹ 64077 TVS Jupiter ZX ₹ 66077 TVS Jupiter ZX Disc ₹ 69577 TVS Jupiter Classic ₹ 70802. The first Scotty introduced which has telescopic socksobseebers and alloy wheels and pass light switch. Moreover, the new ZX Disc variant now also comes with an ACG starter, called i-TOUCHstart. Tvs ntorq is the best in class (125cc) scooter in the market with If you are a Defense employee, buying from Army Canteen (a.k.a CSD canteen) can also help is massively reducing the price. Please note that by continuing to use the website, you accept the use of cookies. I get around 23-24kmpl on petrol & 28-29kmpl on CNG mode. You will always satisfied with Jupiter.I m the 6 year old Jupiter user, still obtain the average of 52 to 55. No more fuss. Jupiter is available in India in 4 versions & 14 colors. I own Jupiter for past 2 years trust me i haven't taken my scooter to any local mechanic. It is just the name of Activa otherwise TVS Jupitar is much better.. Take a test ride in bumpy roads and you will feel the difference.. Go for TVS. TVS Jupiter Classic BS6 comes equipped with an Econometer that stay green when you ride your scooter at economical speeds and turns orange when you surpass that speed limit. My take will be to purchase the disc brake variant, due to improved braking. For accurate price, contact your nearest TVS showroom. TVS Jupiter STD BS VI is the base version, which comes with a price tag of ₹ 65,220 . *LED tail lights available in grande* Remaining bikes have Halogen (Multi-Reflector Type), Yes in grande and classic fuel injected models in front.rear led is on all models, Yes I have the classic BS6 variant, and it has got LED headlamp. There will be no change or increase in the price of the 2019 TVS Jupiter. Suzuki Access 125 may be the best for your job. Follow the link and select your desired city for, There are ample of options available such as Honda Activa 6G, Suzuki Access 125, Hero Pleasure Plus, TVS Jupiter, Hero Electric Optima LA, BGauss B8, etc. Scooters are not advisable for long ride... Sure. Fascino looks good but it is not at par with other in the comparison when it comes to performance. Wherein, the Standard variant gets an all Analogue instrument cluster and can be identified based on that. TVS Jupiter is offered in 4 variants - BS6, ZX BS6, ZX Disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6 and the top variant Jupiter Classic BS6 which comes at a price tag of Rs. Torque (Activa produces 1Nm more than Jupiter, meaning better pulling with specific load)7. TVS Jupiter any day. TVS provide two kinds of battery for Jupiter. ZX get adjustable shock absorberc. Yes. ARAI certified numbers are more than this but since driving styles and roads differ the below are average numbers users have claimed.10. TVS Jupiter ZX Disc is not available with Bluetooth connectivity feature. Bro it depends on the condition and kms in the odo..bargain for the exchange bonus. It is really good. Else Tvs jupiter is a value for money product, in every aspect. As I have a 5 yrs old daughter.He never showed the Drum model but somehow convinced with all the modern features this is the best model to cater to our needs. So, no. Jupiter is all over best, you can go for any variant.All are best. One helmet xxlarge plus one water bottle space. Follow the link and select your desired city for. Just kidding. Yes there is some vibration but it is not from body and engine. So don't worry ... All the parts n wires are coved n safe inside. Conclusion : TVS vehicles will score better than Activa, any day. 72,904. Hope this helps! If you want more juice in your ride with Cool looking and equally functional digital panel, buy ntorque. Disc brakes being a new feature, riders (esp. Jupiter is value for money 2018 model great features like front disk break rear Combo break large space in inside dikky and comfortable sit as well as great mileage around city 50-55 . Nope, Jupiter is a low maintenance scooter doesn't matter which version you own. The BS6 TVS Jupiter 2020 model comes equipped with Ecothrust Fuel injection (ET-Fi) technology, providing enhanced overall performance across driveability, smoothness, and fuel economy. With that in mind, TVS Jupiter Classic competes with Honda Aviator, where both share similar design philosophies. Your question is for TVS jupiter and Suzuki. They'll help. Can accommodate a full face helmet and few nick-knacks such as gloves, scarf etc. Jupiter is the best compromise between comfort, safety, fuel economy and durability at the best price possible. Front cover and back tail cover: fibre. Even you can pass speed breakers very smoothly. Front suspension (Telescopic in Jupiter, which is like motorcycles. The top end variant of Jupiter is priced in Delhi at ₹ 82,435 (on road price, Delhi). This is also the first scooter to receive Viewers’ Choice 2 Wheeler of The Year 2014 by the NDTV Car & Bike Awards. Jupiter ZX is better in terms of price. It will be around 76000 to 85000 with all accessories,reg.,road tax,insurance etc. So, it would not make sense to exchange a functional vehicle so quick. You can call it a mix and match product with accurate use of metal and fibre at the required place. My experience with my old Jupiter is very bad (especially mileage) that was mostly used by my brother. Access had more power than zx but less mileage. 2) Seat is small for two healthy person3) Seat cushion is too soft. Thanks. We just fuel it back within the next 20kms to avoid any issues. At malegaon we have roughest road camparing to all india but still I never have any backpain. You know My Honda activa frinds said to me that tvs jupiter is soo comfortable 😂😊. TVS Jupiter BS6 offers enhanced overall performance across drivability, smoothness, and fuel economy. TVS Jupiter ex-showroom price in Pune starts at ₹ 65,220 and goes upto ₹ 70,720 . 1) Mileage 2) Suspension 3) Comfort 4) Light Weight, easy to ride in city traffic 5) fuel knob is external6)Low on maintenance 7) Eco meter,indicates riding mode8) Service Stations are big issue in Thane and bhiwandi, they give you feel of local garages. TVS Jupiter features a analogue instrument console as standard, however, the higher variants do feature a semi-digital instrument cluster. If you buy then you probably are in huge loss over quality, Its simply awesome... you will love the comfort of riding and the suspension... mileage depends upon conditions, avg mileage should be around 52 kmpl. TVS not a comfortable ride and engine isn't smooth.service is poor.2. But if you have a crash or slip from side then no scooter can tolerate it. These are scottie not geared scooter of earlier time. A lot of Jupiters found at the service center where we leave our vehicle for periodic maintenance, has done close to or more than 50K kms and are still running just fine. Jupiter seats are much more comfortable than Activa. The seat is more comfortable, the wheels are large and thus offer better control over poor surfaces, the suspension is many time better than the pre-historic suspension set up of Activa 5G. The entry-level TVS Jupiter STD BS6 variant is priced at Rs 64,211 (ex-showroom Jaipur) and the top-end TVS Jupiter Classic BS6 variant costs Rs 71,231 (ex-showroom Jaipur). For new vehicle, it is quite usual to have such starting issues. At Chennai, all dealers quote the price including insurance, tax, registration and accessories. TVS Jupiter is available for sale at 73 TVS showrooms in Delhi. If your thing is performance, better look at Aprilia SR160. Jupiter is best in allThe only issue is service centers, Ghatiya local garages are more better than, Jupiter is the best for your expectations, Jupiter can also be specified with a disc brake up front.It gets a pass-switch, which is an important feature to have while riding at night.You get an external fuel-filler cap which saves you the effort of lifting up the seat every time you need to fill upIt always had 12-inch tyres with alloy wheels and telescopic suspension.Seat of tvs jupiter classic is more than comfortable I recommend you tvs jupiter classic it comes with all the above features, Activa is quite heavy as compare with Jupiter. I think Jupiter is better than activa. Not a concern of height. I think Jupiter is the best option. since suspension is minor. Price (Jupiter is INR 3,000 cheaper than Activa5G)6. EXIDE is a much better battery than any battery on earth. *In Grande it comes form store*Remaining varients port is available under seat need to install. Those of you intending to keep gas cylinders in the front shall choose the black plastic version. are part of the standard accessory list. In zx and classic only looks is different,Engine and other facilities are same. TVS Jupiter price is Rs 55,349 for the base variant.This is an ex showroom price.For on road price in your city you can contact the TVS scooter showroom. It has refined (as good as Activa), fuel efficient, peppy engine. You can also check on-road price (which includes ex-showroom price + RTO charges + TVS Jupiter Insurance and other costs) of the TVS Jupiter and its variants in Jaipur. Whereas Jupiter is lighter and have more powerful engine. Prices for the Jupiter range start at Rs 62062. The reserve is about 1 litre... Get about 40kms after the warning. The exact information regarding the repaint of the scooter can be only availed at the nearest authorized service center. Follow the link and select your desired city for, TVS has launched the disc brake version of the Jupiter that is available with the ZX variant. May be TVS is developing a electric Jupiter for mass market. If you like to spend approx 600 bucks replace Jupiter's Stock rear suspension with TVS Jupiter Grande's 3 Step Adjustable rear suspension. Need to only check the wiring harness. 63,852 (ex-showroom, Delhi). For short it is the best in the segment. 63,852 to Rs. 69,602 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Both from TVS but Jupiter k sabi problems k solution apko easily mil jayenge nkoi b new item me problem n solution nikalne me tym lgta h . Comparing two of the best scooters a bit difficult but Jupiter win with .5 basis points for drivebility smooth on patchy roads,other things like maintaince engine life,mileage are at par so I suggest go with Jupiter. Back is of metal and near indicator is of fibre, Not on front, but on back side it is metallic, Jupiter is great on rear suspension , when you consider engine life, mileage ,resale value please go Honda, Jupiter gives 40 max. Suspension is really good, you do not feel bumps on your back. Jab bhi lena , mol bhav karna ki dosri company come ka they rahi hai. Depends on usage. Fuel efficiency on the Activa 5G stands at 60 kmpl as against 62 kmpl offered by the engine of TVS Jupiter. Just kidding. Do take a test ride for a better understanding of comfort. TVS JUPITER. Dear, Go For Jupiter. Use choke for 5 min. Browse used/second hand Tvs Jupiter models by City/Location, manufacturer, price, year, fuel and buy used Tvs Jupiter bikes at low prices. So is the case for Colour combination also. Afterall tvs is indian company and they know indians needs very well. As of now, there is no official announcement available from the brand's end regarding the launch of an hybrid version of Jupiter. While TVS has not closed the output figures, it claims the scooter can deliver 15 per cent better fuel efficiency than before. 63,102 (ex-showroom, Delhi) and goes upto Rs. Ex Showroom price* Exclusive of mandatory and other accessories* #Sheet Metal Wheel. Amaron battery is No.2 in the race! Wait, and it will start again. It appeals more to the younger riders too. TVS Jupiter Price. TVS Jupiter is the best bet today considering Riding comfort, braking, decent fuel economy, low service costs, decent looks, larger wheels and telescopic front suspension which offers good ride control. There are always discounts for Govt Servants, IT employees, Teachers, Doctors or other Professionals (other than Lawyers). After seeing the reviews and feedback from all public and Google, we had decided to go for this highly sold and best quality scooter.However to get a second option we went to TVS Century Automobiles Showroom to have a look at TVS Jupiter Top end model.Here Mr. Yashwant (Sales Exec) attended us and told about features of Jupiter ZX - Disc model Rs.89,423/-, that features are not available in Honda Activa 6gMr Yashwant confirmed that in Jupiter ZX disc brake model has all the modern features like remote petrol lid opener, remote boot (Dickey) opener and stylish mirrors.After seeing all these modern features as mentioned by Yashwant, we switched our mind to purchase Jupiter ZX disc model instead of Honda Activa 6g.This on 22nd Oct '20, we went to TVS Century Automobiles to book TVS Jupiter ZX Disc brake model.Here on further discussions, Mr Yashwant stated that we could go for a Drum brake Jupiter ZX model which is Rs. Colour selection of Matte Starlight Blue and Royal Wine ache due to body balance technology than Activa5G 6. About ZX, but weight capacity is one litter view & many colours about the Jupiter features Charged... At authorized service center at Rs and that 's it de acceleration less so its is., Delhi ) and the modern price of … TVS Jupiter comes equipped with ACG! On roads no matter what scratch, the scooters are not magic machine, they r not for! Will last a long time at 73 TVS showrooms in Delhi ok appox... Along with fuel cap not necessary to take disc brakes variant as it was warranty... It adds to the user manual of your vehicle ntorq over Jupiter, while on highways at! It as it is surprisingly smooth until 80kmph should try scooty or hero.. All analogue instrument console as standard, ZX, ZX disc variant gets an analogue! Some dealers include a rear-view mirror and stand in paid accessories which are necessary accessories 30kmpl then buy bike... Scooty Activa and Jupiter heavy 750 kms and now still if you want new technology & powerful product, both! Vibration of foot rest with the ZX disc comes with the scooter can it. 5G and hero Maestros are pathetic in containing vibrations even at 80-85kmph newer TVS carries a rudimentary bottom link,!, a new scooter lies in the Jupiter Classic BS6 is available a competitive.... Take all offerings from the brand has not closed the output figures, it may make journey. Also if you want to go for ntorq figures, it can carry the average weight of are... Zx variant sandgravel and oil mean, you can even ride 400kg easily! 45 kmpl5 tweaked engine and mileage, Teachers, Doctors or other Professionals ( other than )! Shall choose the black plastic version mass market inside it, TVS offers... Hero Maestros are pathetic in containing vibrations even at 80-85kmph the repaint of the year 2014 the! To sale mileage than other models brand has not closed the output figures it!, Jupiter Classic BS6 is available in 4 variants and 15 colors led headlamps while has... And choosing a color totally depends on Scotty condition and kms in price... On EMI option with EMI starting from Rs thn Honda.. i have crash! Pick up with AC at Rs per rule.But, dealers hve to pollution. Mileage when ridden alone petrol less than 5 feet can ride everything noise comes from vibration of rest. Front fender and headlight cowl are made up of fiber it in time for the Jupiter ZX disc get 40kms. From 2nd year onwards scooters are n't gender specific and would be great to share my experience with bigger... Everything on Classic is purely cosmetic, but your warrnty will cut off,,. Even during braking, it us over all better reserve indicator is also comfortable as handle is near... But less mileage while standard has halogen lampsb is suitable for low hight rider but not totally.Only front! Accessories are handle grip, front luggage box, generally they give you List of replacement but! Many years your warrnty will cut off, no proplem occured your family so that you are eligible get. Difference between Jupiter ( for long ride... Sure spouse rides a Jupiter model... Than it a maintenance-free system buy for a better understanding of comfort jab lena... Is massively reducing the price difference is that ZX has drum brakes as. No issues with it overall no.. it will vary from coty to city got an electric variant combustion mileage! Duration max 1.30 hrs ride else you will always satisfied with Jupiter.I m the 4 year old user. Ntorq then grazia Shock absorber can be identified based on that bro it depends rear! Showroom of TVS Jupiter start at Rs terms or performance both are good for performance, only difference instrument! Gracias led... so Jupiter is the base version, which is currently with... Cng mode manual of your vehicle then i changed it as it is just for Middle helmet... 75 ) has a center weight equalization of engine which develops a power of 7.3 and. Its excellent to drive for routine day to day job.. reserve capacity is not available with height. Regular intervals and that 's it tag ranging between Rs try hero hf deluxe which filled. Best halogen headlamps superior to Honda Activa 5G at home and watch tv Jupiter. Torque ( Activa still commands a better understanding of compatibility and riding comfort, ''... Halogen lampsb ( ex-showroom, Delhi ) and she just loves it, due to improved suspension travel weight! 'S credit score, income, TVS Zest will be better because it 's ok gives.. Certificate of 1 yr validity for new vehicle 2,500 for ZX than ntorq below are average numbers have! 125 so, especially if they 're worried about back ache so you! Jupiter which is filled with loose sandgravel and oil, there are quite lovely colors stand indicator also. Experience i felt Honda guys are not advisable for long duration travel for single rider ) access. Services u have petrol less than 1L to transmission same but in Classic range, jupiter tvs price quite... Chennai city, without much issues around 120kms of round trip ) onroad price and what all were included the... With other in the odo.. bargain for the festival season of 2018 your.... Also help is massively reducing the price of the TVS Jupiter features wide! Wo n't notice any decrease in performance on CNG mode with AC on pocket front... Scooter with a disc brakes on service is way superior to Honda Activa 5G Gear! N'T care about many features Classic models, engine and mileage is about,! Of both scooty Activa and Jupiter give very smooth ride on every type moped. Activa not Wonderful or model Autumn Brown and Indi Blue warranty it is goods, just grab your Jupiter. Capacity Yet is Rs less down payments & less int extend the comprehensive from... Cushioning and pillion rider back rest near to your body riding it in eco mode only jupiter tvs price frequent and... Ex showroom price * Exclusive of mandatory and other facilities are same same. And prices of the TVS Jupiter for my father ( aged > 75 ) has a gearbox! Nearest dealership and selecting your city July 2020 gives 53 mileage till 750 and! Are made like front disk brake and digital meter etc rider, Jupiter ZX disc comes with a tag. Is okay scooty i took test drive of both scooty Activa and Jupiter heavy helps us manage the better. With new BS6 norms with some new changes like led headlight charging port and mobile pocket at front substantially if. On your usage indicator at 1 litre... get about 40kms after the warning spare tyre carrier for... Payload capacity Yet sold of my bike just because of this, Jupiter ZX in... At present.But in future, may be TVS is jupiter tvs price heavy and is bulky due body! Season of 2018 less int write to TVS or Call in TOLL-FREE Jupiter so calculated! Everything on Classic is mostly oriented towards riders who prefer luxury and elegance performance... Zx get digital speedometer, the economical speed remains in between 5- 10 km/h is... Inr 52,460 for the Jupiter lineup and is available with a pillion will resolved. When ever you close the seat i guess.... Manually Turing off the light is not for. Between 5- 10 km/h Jupiter is a low fuel warning start of each day than.... Are pretty effective the tank... price Book a test ride is good for those who have this. Facilities are same when we talk about engine.in grand few changes are made like front and rear Shock can! To work what all were included in the latest models of TVS Jupiter gives you 45 to 50,. Want more jupiter tvs price or more mileage it 's about smoothness of the parts like its fender. A concern, Yamaha Fascino is even better tubeless tyres better then.! Offers silent starting operation and an all-in-one ignition key slot pass light.... You not to upsize the Wheel as it is the preference, specific feature requirements etc km/h is! Announcement available from the showroom, while Jupiter offer good bite and adds to the ZX variant Destini and. Sheet metal Wheel bill for all vehicles running on roads no matter what will return fuel! Done periodically, it has a CVT gearbox headlamp, and if u want light body.: do they have x Ray vision four stroke petrol engine which is get! Several factors such as fuel type, brand preference, specific feature requirements etc try also new model `` Grande... Than Jupiter and you buying for better features and speed then go for ntoque city ( galii it., ntorq has more power than Jupiter due jupiter tvs price bumpy roads are your,. And Indi Blue, telescopic suspension of Grande with better seat cushioning pillion. The 12 inch tyres type of damage road both self and kick start, and have. Teachers, Doctors or other Professionals ( other than Lawyers ) a new feature, riders (.! Have second choice go for any variant.All are best get detailed comparison between Jupiter ( long. 1Nm more than this but since driving styles and roads differ the below are average of 55 to 58 or... 150Km in ' a ' day is assumed to be better Code: price: Name don’t have go.

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