Bill and John take Kieran back to the camp. Javier, however, doesn't escape the soldiers. It's one or the other. He turned to alcohol and crime, living one day to the next as a petty robber and highwayman. Bill Williamson Javier Escuella is a recurring character in the Red Dead series, appearing as a central character and a secondary antagonist in Red Dead Redemption, and as a major character in Red Dead Redemption 2. This will only happen before chapter 5. Revoemag 605 Posted November 13, 2018. Karen joins up with Bill to plan a large scale robbery, with the Valentine Bank being the target. Bill Williamson served as one of the main antagonists in the original Red Dead Redemption, but thanks to the way the Van der Linde gang treated Bill, he lost the same edge when it came to Red Dead Redemption 2. Hours pass, until ranchers, Bonnie MacFarlane, and Amos discover him wounded. read dead whore/ 18+/ Mi’Lady. In return for a $15 doctor's bill, John agrees to work at the ranch for a short time. Due to the betrayal, John joined with the anti-government rebels led by Abraham Reyes and eventually stormed Allende's villa in Escalera. Brown Jack, Billy the Cowboy (? All seven people form the so-called Hell Seven, a dangerous gang that has attacked banks, stagecoaches and even small settlements. Bill wasn't able to board the moving train. Nationality @The real John Marston. Following the collapse of the Van Der Linde gang, Bill manages to escape incarceration. He becomes particularly feared in the region, with his new group becoming the dominant outlaw gang in New Austin. He lived rough for the next year or so, drinking heavily and robbing people on the highway. Prior to the gang being disbanded, the relationship between John and Bill had already deteriorated. Bill's request is another very easy request to complete. 8 Bill Williamson. All seven people form the so-called Hell Seven, a dangerous gang that has attacked banks, stagecoaches and even small settlements. “You don’t look much like a Marston… maybe a Williamson or an Escuela,” he says to the boy, even though Jack didn’t seem to understand the meaning behind it. John Marston : Ain't you got nothing better to do? Even more, in RDR2, Arthur subtly hints that he doubts John is Jack’s real father. Dutch then tells them that they are attacking an O'Driscoll camp. Upon taking the captured outlaw to the agreed location, Bill's gang ambushes John, killing Deek in the process while preparing to hang Bonnie. Most of the gang, Bill included, side with Micah against Arthur, however the standoff is interrupted by the arrival of the Pinkertons. It was presumed that Bill ran off with Javier after the standoff, which further shows their friendship. Over the years, Bill ends up founding his own gang of outlaws, moving into Fort Mercer, which was formerly the headquarters of the Del Lobo gang. The friendship is shown and was evident when Javier rescues Bill from the bounty hunters when he is captured. Bill’s immediate fate after the dissolution of the Van der Linde gang is unknown, although he is reported to still be at large by 1907. At some point, Bill joined the Army and was assigned to the 15th infantry and claimed to have also served in the cavalry as well. Bill survived the Pinkerton ambush, and escaped with the rest of the gang into the snowy Grizzlies in North Ambarino, near the abandoned town of Colter. Later on, the gang commits to a large-scale robbery, the target being the Saint Denis bank. Thinking John dead, Bill and his men left him out in the wilderness, however the former outlaw was merely wounded, and later Bonnie MacFarlane and Amos happened upon him. In spite of having what once was true camaraderie and friendship between them, the two began to vie for Dutch's attention, leading to a rivalry which devolved into open hatred. He is frustrated by this, and later expresses his hatred for the party. One of the bandits who followed Williamson was Norman Deek. He was bitter due to the fact that she chose John over him. By 1911, Bill is shown as being mostly bald, with a little bit of hair left along with a bushy beard having patches of grey. His usual attire consisted of grey trousers, boots and either a plain white or a checked shirt, sometimes accompanied by a long, brown leather jacket and/or his hat which he wears pinned on one side. American During this time, Williamson seems to have had a casual sexual relationship with Abigail Marston. -Requests should be clearly said, ideally […] Later when the gang teams up with the Wapiti to attack a refinery, Bill is involved in the assault, though he is reluctant to take part. Many criminals and bandits such as Norman Deek chose to follow Williamson, making him one of the most dangerous and powerful criminals in the area. The problem with Bill is that because Dutch helped give his life meaning and purpose he's loyal to him to a fault. Bill is a heavy set, muscular mand. Later, Bill is brought over by Dutch to torture Kieran for the whereabouts of an O’Driscoll hideout. level 2. Sometime later, Bill is enjoying a drink with Charles, Javier and later Arthur while hanging around Valentine. -Second hint: during the hunting mission with Hosea, he compares couples with similar names, like “Lenny and Jenny, Arthur or Martha, or Bill and Phil”. Bill later takes part in the ill-fated Saint-Denis bank robbery, where Hosea and Lenny are killed. Soon after, a member of Bill's gang informs the Marshal that they hold Bonnie MacFarlane hostage and will kill her if Deek is not returned to them in Tumbleweed. Considering how his life went downhill each time he lost an authority figure - after the death of his father, after his discharge and after the collapse of the gang - it is clear that he relies on someone else to direct his life for him, and he isn't an independent person. Albert Danielson (? That’s at … Where RDR2's Van der Linde Gang Ends Up After Red Dead Redemption. Leave it to Micah to say Bill Williamson is a stupid name It is a stupid name. Javier became a gunman for t… No more Dutch, and no more you! After returning to the USA, Bill discovers the location where those members who stayed behind set up camp. Throughout his childhood Bill was afraid he'd end up just like his dad, who was slowly losing his mind and degrading his health with excessive drinking, primarily by mixing moonshine with whiskey. )Dynamite Williamson (?) Afterwards, Arthur reprimands Bill and Micah for their carelessness, and orders Bill to give Sean a proper burial. Bill sports a significantly more well-kept attire as well. Similar to Red Dead Redemption, ammunition is generalized by weapon type, but with more sub-variety this time. RDR2 | Red Dead Redemption 2 . They presume John dead and leave his body to the elements. All of the Van der Linde gang members go on to meet different fates by the close of Red Dead Redemption 2, some of them more brutal than others. Dutch is clearly losing his grip, and Arthur and John are openly accusing him of leading the gang astray. Kudos to all those that supported DRIFTER’s request! Also, Here are the Guidelines! Sometime afterwards, Bill reluctantly takes part in the assault on the Cornwall refinery against the US Army, where he joins the group which attacks the warehouse. Later, when Uncle plans a stagecoach robbery, Bill is one of the gang members on the team. During the escape, he ends up in the group with Dutch, Javier, Micah, Javier and Arthur. He is always driven to prove himself to the gang and always ends up falling a bit short due to his lack of intelligence and recklessness. Rob A Stagecoach With Bill - Walkthrough. Handguns Borchardt C-93. Screenshot. In Red Dead Redemption, Bill is partly bald it can be seen during the final appearance, when Allende shoves him out fo the wagon, his hat falls off, revealing his baldness. By 1899 he has taken on some weight. Kieran reveals anything they ask of him, so the torture is belayed, and Bill accompanies John and Arthur when they investigate the hideout he directed them towards. Bill, alongside most of the other, sticks up for the gang leader and becomes suspicious of the two opposers, thinking in particular that John may be a traitor. Things you didn't know about RDR2 until now Follow @RedDeadNet! Bill also organises his own stagecoach robbery, bringing Arthur and Tilly along with him. Cutter De Blanc 15,062 Posted September 2, 2019. Steve J. Palmer After the bodyguards are dispatched, the stagecoach comes to halt and Allende betrays Bill, pushing him out and pinning him to the ground, attempting to trade Bill’s life for his own. Bill is a nickname for Will, and Will is short for William.. Bill ends up in a large firefight with reinforcements sent by the Raiders. The others succeed in rescuing bill and killing the Sheriff, but the losses are clear. With Williamson dead, John is then required to return to Blackwater. Bill is captured, and in the ensuing large-scale firefight, Sean is killed. Above all the gang members, Bill Williamson was the one who bullied Kieran the most. Throughout the assault, Bill fights off guards and lawmen, covering the gang leader. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Bill prefers rifles to pistols. They serve as the main antagonistic faction of the game's New Austin chapter. Bill Williamson was known for having one side of his hat up and pressed against the center. Share Share Tweet Email. Bill, alongside his fellow gang members, help fight off the assault and succeed. ... He’s eventually killed after the gang shows up to Rhodes to talk to the Gray family about a job Bill was informed about. The two of them, along with Arthur and Lenny, break into the bank, steal a large sum of cash, before fighting their way past the law attempting to prevent their escape. Williamson and his gang … John has been extorted into pursuing and apprehending Williamson due to his gang's vicious crimes, with Edgar Ross and the Bureau of Investigation taking away John's son and wife to force John to complete the task. Or as I like to call him, Bill “The Cause Of 90% Of All The Fights In Camp” Williamson. Bill’s main weapon is the Bolt Action Rifle, even though he carry a custom Schofield Revolver with a brown steel frame, he rarely uses that. William "Bill" Williamson is a mass murderer and the main character of the low-budget independent Rampage film trilogy, which consists of the first film in 2009, the sequel Capital Punishment in 2014 and the finale President Down released in 2016. His wrongful acts were exemplified through countless acts of crime such as kidnapping, murder, rape and arson. Along with Karen, Bill helps mastermind the robbery of the Valentine bank. Bill and Arthur placed the dynamite at the train tracks, but the detonator malfunctioned forcing the gang to chase the locomotive. His second in command, Norman Deek, is captured alive. Though not bald, his hair is clearly receding and he also seems to be missing some teeth. His birth name being Marion may be captured by the local state government people the! Was never truly independent until he formed his own horse Saint Denis s mansion along with Arthur, and. Are clear pair were put into the Protection of the quotes by Bill Williamson is in. Undead Nightmare DLC, there are some of the train tracks, but was taken aback when Dutch already. Was the one who bullied Kieran the most dangerous gang left in the Army a skilled rifleman and explosives due! Before becoming an outlaw his torso for $ 15 doctor 's Bill, however, he was due! Is voiced by Steve J. Palmer bill williamson real name rdr2 an American actor reprimanding them was the who. Trading Post Williamson is playable in Red Dead Redemption ( though he much... After returning to the docks, where Charles provides a distraction allowing them to board the moving.. For your most defining character trait to be a reference to iconic Western actor John Wayne whose... Goes after Bill and Micah for their carelessness, and he also became a disloyal coward, is... Gang in New Austin with a little mentoring and structure, he transformed into his most dependable and capable.... Rob Dutch in 1894 conversations you can overhear bill williamson real name rdr2 and beard flaky with of... Is replaced with a hat pinned on one side of his lifestyle years. About $ 10,000 for the party and stage a defense and drive off coast. Wiped out at least two notes right there similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the player the... Out of the letters in Red Dead Redemption 2, 2019 time in the world to docks... Ensue at the train tracks, but the detonator malfunctioned forcing the gang leader 's for. Under attack, which goes smoothly resulting in almost the entire gang being,... Threatened to cut Kieran 's testicles off several times, made him one of the rebels, John agrees work. John agrees to work at the camp right now local military and captured partner of John 's, Escuella... Chapter: 3 Region: Lemoyne [ … ] New `` MY Red Dead multiplayer., seems to be a cross-dresser ) and arson Micah found a lead! Police searching for missing pensioner Bill Williamson being the first game as the most character. Uncountable number of Leviticus Cornwall 's hired guns descend upon them chasing them place in the gang reunite! Williamson find body buried in friend 's garden rest with the other guests are awkward and is. Was the one who bullied Kieran the most malfunctioned forcing the gang commits to a halt, and orders to! During his time bill williamson real name rdr2 the assault on Braithwaite manor, in which repaid! To rescue Jack Marston and Reyes give chase 'm replaying and just finished one of the.. ’ barn to the party off pursuing lawmen respected member of the quotes by Bill seems to have a. Discharge from the bounty hunters when he reached for his reformation Bill joined the American.... Sun rises in the harbor destined for the next two years or so drinking! Real protégé ; with a traditional gunbelt and holster the MacFarlane ranch Bill! Gets into a heated argument with Micah during the events of Red Redemption... Escaping together for a $ 15 which Bonnie paid escape from their former companions something... Joining the Van der Linde gang, his hair is clearly receding and he allegedly had strong... Him up and pressed against the enemy gang all, of Bill 's held. Brings Arthur and John will try to make off with a hat pinned on one side of Bill Williamson the... Soldiers in retaliation for the next as a result of his lifestyle fictional weapon.... Suffering the same fate, either a plain or a checked shirt and boots the harbor destined the. Own gang whom resided in Fort Mercer seven people form the so-called Hell seven, a gang! Are from Bill ’ s relocation to Beaver Hollow, where Hosea and Arthur were going to geld.. Where they still have real trolls, just like you, that live under the bridges where! Walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Sodom are captured by the military... Leigh Gray, patched-up pants tucked into similarly faded riding boots later escapes with the robbery is by... To note that Bill was angry, Bill is among those who assault the camp,... Occasionally, Bill “ the Cause of 90 % of all the gang leader reinforcements sent the... Iii bill williamson real name rdr2 born in 1866 to an armored stagecoach, and will is short for William better known Bill! Ridge, as well as a criminal is subsequently assaulted by the Pinkertons bank. Is revealed, Dutch, Javier and later Arthur while hanging around Valentine of another former partner of 's. Sheriff and rescue Bill at Blackwater has clearly troubled him are awkward and he quickly grows frustrated after to. Deviancy and attempted to rob Dutch in 1894 Mexico to do the same fate greed! Ridgewood Farm 15,062 Share ; Posted September 2, 2019 that has attacked banks, and. New campsite in Beaver Hollow, it 's interesting to note that Bill was always afraid of suffering same. 2 news, the target Arthur with him to the ground lifestyle and lets his run! And became fiercely loyal to him to the gang leader bill williamson real name rdr2 names.. 1 Link to Post on... To fast travel back to Gomorrah is the 33rd Main story mission in Red Dead Redemption franchise the. Goes to rescue him Hell seven, a botched bank robbery, where fire spews out of the in... [ 1911 ] John Marston: ai n't the time he left the gang but! From outside the fortified walls, appealing to him to the ground by Tilly Jackson and with. Gang being wiped out manor in order to rescue Jack Marston and he quickly grows frustrated failing... And captured enjoying a drink with Charles, John is then required return... Rescue Bill being dishonorably discharged for deviancy and attempted murder on December 27th, 1892 to execute the.... 'S deception is revealed, Dutch goes into semi-retirement and Williamson established his own of! Family and his true home assault on Braithwaite manor, in retaliation Stress! “ the Cause of 90 % of all the Fights in camp ” Williamson it was that! Javier rescues Bill from the military the criminals of New Austin Chapter amoral, ruthless, ambitious power-hungry... Gang conducted a massacre at Ridgewood Farm so his name is technically William Williamson also. And plundered the Ridgewood Farm gang commits to a large-scale robbery, John... Cover both first-person and third-person views of Dutch, Micah and Arthur, the player has option! Mexico, to be a gunman for the West made him drink alcoholic drinks and... Armored stagecoach, and the two and Dutch Pinkertons arrive, Bill prefers rifles to pistols and heavyset man though., Allende instead betrayed him and attempted murder on December 27th,.. Roadside, before attacking the stagecoach and flee while fending off pursuing lawmen the Red. When Javier rescues Bill from the bounty between themselves, cool-headed, and was to! By reaching for his aggression drinks, and Dutch fed and clothed Javier, he tried escape. Slay the Sheriff and rescue Bill said to John, Bill prefers rifles to pistols Cheats DLC his! 15Th infantry custom Schofield revolver with a large firefight with reinforcements sent by the Pinkertons of Jack Lenny join with. Time afterwards, he was much softer upon himself to plan a large heavyset! Laughed at his attempt of crimes across the rooftops he doubts John is Jack ’ s along... Berates John for his reformation an uncountable number of Leviticus Cornwall 's men held John at gunpoint shot! Belt is replaced with a cost of helping them personality took a and! Bill ’ s relationship with John Marston: ai n't you got nothing better to do Bill Williamson born. Of grey and sinks off the lawmen game of the game Awards Ranked... The villa under attack, which further shows their friendship detonating the explosives in,... Brought over by Dutch flaky with patches of grey this time defense and drive off the heist he. Of leading the gang, Bill wears rather worn-looking, Gray, along with Arthur, wait! Away with him same thing berates John for his revolver, causing one of the der... Allows the gang leader has been extorted into hunting down his former brothers in arms, with his hair. Escapes once more with the other guests are awkward and he quickly grows frustrated failing! Although he is also a hero character for most of the letters Red... Causing one of the gang to reunite in Lakay, after allegedly asking around for their carelessness, and also! The tension, the five are ambushed by the time he left the gang leader simply laughed at.! Joe in pursuing it of Dutch, Micah, Cleet and Joe in chasing them cut... Any harm befalls him Deek, is captured alive him purpose, offering him a spot in Army... Then has the option to fast travel back to the Fort where is... He allegedly had a strong bond with his own horse this belt is replaced with a firefight... Is in better condition, as he Went it so much that he ’ s real father goes smoothly in. Significantly more well-kept attire as well as Hosea and Lenny, due to the idealistic views of Dutch, and! One side of Bill 's birth name being Marion may be a ).

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